Production House In Mumbai

This article is going to explain you about primary purpose of writer galaxy. It also explains ad’s beneficial to the product. It also explains its assistance in children’s goal...

Tv Serial Audition In Mumbai

General Role Of Writer Galaxy In Media And Its Effectiveness On Film Making This article explains the about the site which is having greater responsibility on media and film...

Casting Agencies In Mumbai

What Is Meant By Casting And The Process Of Casting In Arts Industry In the arts industry, casting is the pre-production procedure for selecting the singer, actor and dancer...





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“ It’s an effort to bring Indian content to worldwide dais
to gain its due recognition.”

To wrench the apparition company has empanelled best of the media wizards who are being strengthen by in house hi-tech fully integrated sound studios, VFX studios, edit & post-production setups from the back end. Moving forward company is in the process of setting up 4 independent profit centers wings tagged as WGFX (Visual effects), WGCRC (Content resource Centre), WGANIMATION (animation work ) and WGLIVE (Digital) in the prime hub of media industry.




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